A Memorial Day Message

We will be having no sales today.

Memorial Day is a time we have agreed to set aside to recognize that there are people who came before us that have voluntarily sacrificed their very being so that others would not have to. Whether that sacrifice was made in an MRAP in Iraq, on a beach in Normandy, or a train in Portland, it was done with the same spirit at heart, and that spirit is what should be remembered today.

Whether you agree with the policies and politics that form the backdrop of their time is irrelevant. We are fallible creatures that are carving out a living in agreement with each other through an imperfect union, and while we collectively fumble our way forward through history in an attempt to find a more perfect system, there is a group among us that have agreed to be the bulwark for civility against the chaos that threatens to swallow this experiment. That is a profound and important example to set, and one that should not be forgotten.

Enjoy today, it is what each and every one of them would want for you, but take some time to reflect on the selflessness of their sacrifice and try to work that essence into your own life. Realize that the greatest gift we can bestow upon future generations is to do our best to minimize their membership in the ranks of the memorialized, and act accordingly.