The times they are a changing

We're finally settled into our new facility and are ready to rock-n-roll, so with that we have some updates and changes to check out (literally maybe?).

Store Updates

*Sold Out* 

- Peru Campesino Mateo

- Guatemala Antigua

Sorry if you liked these, but they are no longer with us. Perhaps we will get more in stock, but that's up to mother nature. 


*New Offerings!*

- Cosmos Espresso

- Cosmos Breakfast Blend

Two coffees hit the road, and two took their place. These are our house coffee blends and will be available in perpetuity.


*Shipping and Stock*

- We have been able to streamline our shipping and have moved to a flat rate per weight. Hopefully this makes shopping easier and more transparent. Prior to this our system was set up for a sliding scale based on quantity of items which was not ideal. 

       -- Two pounds or less: $6.75

       -- Two to Five pounds: $9.75

       -- Five plus pounds: $12.75

- 6oz sample bags are here and available! You'll notice on our store page that there is a new drop down menu to choose whether you want 16 oz or 6 oz, so if full pounds were not your thing, we can hook you up with something a little smaller.

- Subscriptions removed (temporarily). While we are readjusting the store, stock, shipping, and availability, we are temporarily removing the subscription option. Don't fret though, it will be back.